Impact Investor Services

PeakChange keeps investors engaged and informed throughout their experience with social ventures.

Our primary services include portfolio management, due diligence, and deal flow. Clients may wish to engage PeakChange in a variety of ways and we allow for this process to be both collaborative and iterative over time. 


Portfolio Management

Our portfolio management services help to strengthen the investor-entrepreneur relationship, as well as, keep investors up to date on their portfolio so that they can make informed decisions. Through our tools and processes, we are able to track financial and impact metrics, and manage all investors updates. We make sure investors have the information they need to reach their impact goals.


Due Diligence

We specialize in due diligence for angel and early-stage impact investors. PeakChange due diligence reports are created with the help of a network of experienced investors, entrepreneurs, and field experts. Standard due diligence reports include an initial analysis of company performance taking into account both financial and impact metrics.


For more details on services and pricing, please contact us for more information.