Investor Relations Update


Why are we doing this?

PeakChange offers investor updates because it is important for entrepreneurs to provide consistent information that keep investors informed and engaged.

We produce consistent templates in multiple formats to enhance confidence and transparency between investors and entrepreneurs. We also provide simple financial and social stories to demonstrate your company's impact. Investors feel more confident when they can rely on consistent reports, are emotionally connected to a company’s work, and understand how they can clearly help. Our service is a time saver for both busy CEOs and investors. 


Glossary of PeakChange Investor Update Terms



More than just your typical cheerleading, we update you on what you need to know about the company you’ve invested in – and we do so using 140 characters or fewer. This quick snapshot gives you a quick insight about the most important thing currently affecting your company.

Review of Last Update  

Simple, transparent, no fluff… In a clear table, we provide you with the most critical information you need to remember from what the CEO told you last time so that you don't need to struggle to pull up an old update or try to remember what happened in the last quarter. This review allows you to stay current on the direction in which your company is headed.  So, you’ll be able to tell right away whether you need to ask more detailed questions or can remain confident in the CEOs leadership. 

Future Plans

Often early-stage companies do not track performance data as explicitly as PeakChange thinks they should. So, we offer milestone tracking that ensures continuity of reporting from one Quarter to the next and that follows performance progress over time. We work with the CEO to follow best practices for accountability and transparency.

Investor Asks

You know that the CEO could benefit from your feedback and expertise. We make it easy for you to do with just a couple clicks. We help you build a better relationship with the company CEO by forwarding “Asks” from him/her to you and by identifying practical opportunities for you to participate in the continued success of your company.

Know & Show Impact Stories

 All investing is impact investing. So, shouldn’t you know the impact that you’ve helped achieve through this company? We’ll give you explicit stories that exemplify how your investment has had an impact in the community and in people’s lives. Try not to tear up. It’s great to hear people speak in their own words.

Facts To Share

 Don’t you wish you could tell your family and friends exactly why you’ve invested in this particular company? Maybe you don’t know all the stats about what your company does. Fear not! We’ll give you easy facts that you can pull out at cocktail parties, soccer games, or even when standing in line at a grocery store. Remember, you are your company’s biggest champion.