PEakChange FUnds

ADAP Capital (A Different Approach to Poverty) takes a solutions-based investment strategy, leveraging both the enormous power of the markets as well as directed intellectual capital focused on deepening the value of social enterprises in their pursuits to eradicate global poverty.

Since inception in 2008, Aravaipa has argued that long term, capital-intensive Cleantech investments (solar generation, biofuel production, electric vehicle manufacturing, and wind generation) should be the domain of large corporations – the numerous VC-backed failures confirms this assessment. Aravaipa only invests in companies expecting to require less than an additional $10M in funding to reach profitability, so that Aravaipa can: (i) become the lead active investor with an initial investment of $250K to $1M, (ii) minimize the funding risk , and (iii) minimize the risk of excessive future dilution. Aravaipa expects to manage several funding rounds for its portfolio companies. 

Better Ventures provides funding and support to technology startups building innovative solutions to big and important problems, from work and education to health and sustainability.  Given the magnitude of these problems and the enormous market opportunities they represent, it takes the  best and brightest minds armed with the best  resources to address them.  These are the people  Better Ventures seek to back – entrepreneurs  committed to using the tools and methodologies  of the modern technology startup to build world-  changing companies that make money and do  good.  Better Ventures is thinking big and  expecting big results, and so are the  entrepreneurs they back.  

Dev Equity aims to help improve the lives of people living in low-income countries by investing in private companies that can make a positive social and environmental impact. By providing long-term capital and direct support, Dev Equity helps innovative companies in select Latin American countries expand their growth,  profitability and impact. Recently, Dev Equity,  L.L.C. was approved as a Certified B Corporation.

Jim Davidson is a General Partner

Fledge helps impactful entrepreneurs take their ideas and prototype-stage companies into reality, via an intense, 10-week program of guidance, education, and mentorship, plus a large and growing network of support from past fledglings and hundreds of mentors.  The goal of Fledge is to help foster a wave of companies that make not just a measurable impact in the world, but a noticeable improvement in the lives of everyone on the planet.

Green Sage is an investment firm focused on the legal North American Cannabis Industry that leverages its team’s networks, expertise and knowledge in real estate investing and development. Green Sage's mission is to provide companies with the real estate assets needed to build successful businesses, while helping to set the standard for transparency, integrity & accountability in the Cannabis Industry.

Reinventure Capital is an innovation driven impact venture fund passionate about leveraging capital with technology to reinvent businesses to prosper in a rapidly changing world. Reinventure Capital is committed to measurable impacts contributing to the intergenerational well-being of people and planet. 

Sarona is a private investment firm, deploying growth capital to expansion-stage companies in frontier and emerging markets. Through the primary strategy of investing in local funds,  Sarona seeks to build companies that deliver high  risk-adjusted returns while promoting positive  ethical, social and environmental values. 

SJF Ventures is a venture capital partnership with offices in Durham, New York and San Francisco. Through its investment funds, the firm provides equity financings from $1MM to $10MM, solo or in syndicates, to companies seeking growth capital.

SustainVC manages the Patient Capital Collaborative (PCC).  PCC invests in companies that apply for financing through Investor’s Circle, an association of accredited investors who provide "Patient Capital for a Sustainable  Future."  Through PCC, SustainVCSM invests as  the lead or participant in rounds of equity and  equity-related securities as small as $500,000 and  as large as $5,000,000.

 Capital for PCC's funds is provided by high net  worth individuals, many of whom are successful  business entrepreneurs and are leaders in the  field of sustainability.

Village Capital draws on the power of peer support to build enterprises that change the world.  It takes a village to raise a successful entrepreneur. Through Village Capital’s peer-  driven programs, they harness the power of  collective wisdom and collaborative learning to  unleash truly disruptive, innovative ideas.