PeakChange DIrect Investments

The PeakChange portfolio serves as a model for others to unlock and leverage their balance sheets to democratize impact investing.  

The portfolio includes investments across all impact themes through funds, direct equity investments, guarantees, and debt. PeakChange and our level of involvement in these opportunities has spanned everything from limited partnerships to guarantor to board memberships, depending on the need.

PeakChange helps entrepreneurial organizations and socially-relevant causes find their footing on the path to success.

Change Finance will meet the growing investor demand for publicly available, impact investment products that investors can buy directly from a stock exchange. We will make it easy and affordable for all people to invest with their values, by creating a family of exchange-traded funds (ETFs). 

CirrusMD develops Mobile Physician Access solutions for large healthcare organizations. We allow everyone to access convenient, timely medical care with local physicians in the same way that doctors address concerns for their friends and family – through text and video chat.  Our HIPAA-compliant platform allows providers to  offer secure text messaging/image sharing and  video visits to patients via mobile devices and  web browsers.

Conscious Company Magazine is the first print and digital nationally distributed publication in the U.S. that focuses entirely on sustainable, purpose-driven business. In January 2017, they will officially be rebranding as Conscious Company Media. 

Copia Global improves the quality of life for consumers at the economic Base of the Pyramid by providing easy, affordable access to trusted, reliable goods.  Copia Global is a for-profit,  catalog order and delivery service for the peri-  urban and rural populations of the developing  world. 

CSRHub provides access to corporate social responsibility and sustainability ratings and information on 13,700+ companies from 135 industries in 127 countries. Managers,  researchers and activists use CSRHub to  benchmark company performance, learn how  stakeholders evaluate company CSR practices  and seek ways to change the world.

DailyWorth is a content publisher focused on connecting a community of women around the topics of money management and personal finance. DailyWorth stands out as the smart woman’s go-to source for everything money-related. DailyWorth gives practical expert advice,   translate financial news, and share honest,   personal stories.

Formerly Jail Education Solutions, Edovo's mission is to provide meaningful access to education and self-improvement tools that can unlock the potential of every person affected by incarceration. Edovo's secure tablet technology is the future of daily education and rehabilitation for corrections.

Edthena helps teachers getting better at teaching by bringing the process of observation and feedback online. Teachers upload video of their teaching and someone on the other end can provide feedback at specific moments in time. 

Emerging Women exists to support and inspire women to express themselves authentically through the work that they do. Emerging Women strives to provide the tools, knowledge, and network to help women lead, start and grow their businesses in a way that integrates core feminine values like connection, collaboration, intimacy, beauty and heart. 

Episencial makes baby-safe, all-natural skincare products that support skin immunity and help treat common skin conditions, like eczema, cradle cap and common dehydration. With clinically effective formulas designed to support the health and development of both the skin and body, Episencial provides a protective barrier to insulate vulnerable skin, offset environmental  contaminants, and help keep children safe.

Ethelo Decisions is a powerful SaaS platform that helps organizations harness the wisdom of groups to solve difficult business problems and make decisions.

Everyone Counts has uniquely built a team of industry-leading, internationally recognized election administration, computer security, and usability experts to bring modern election administration and voting systems to election officials. Everyone Counts uses technologies,  processes, and best practices that have been    proven in other mission-critical industries  throughout the world for decades. 

Evrnu’s patent-pending technology creates a regenerative supply of high-quality, bio-based fiber through the renewal of cotton garment waste.  This breakthrough brings us one step closer to a new textile industry where “waste” is a viable new crop we harvest and create long-lasting beautiful garments as a solution to the problem of textile waste.

A GiftVest is a sum of money gifted or donated to 1to4 which is used to invest in social entrepreneurs presenting early stage, high impact, market based solutions to fight against extreme poverty.

Jibu equips aspiring entrepreneurs in East Africa to launch franchises to sell drinking water affordably to the poor. By providing seed financing, equipment, training, business consulting and more, Jibu provides these entrepreneurs with a turnkey business-in-a-box so they can open profitable and scalable water businesses designed to make safe water widely accessible. The integration of franchisor and  banking functions is one of Jibu’s core game-  changing innovations. Learn more in our featured  blog post - Jibu: Go with the Flow

Kickboard is an innovative, collaborative classroom management tool that allows teachers to track and share behavioral and performance metrics of students in their classrooms with other faculty and parents.

KnipBio is developing an ultra-high yield fermentation process with unique growth characteristics to address tightening supplies of fish meal and other nutritional gaps in formulated feeds. The inherent protein content of this biomass, enriched with valuable biomolecules  and a favorable essential amino acid composition  makes KnipBio's Meal (KBM) an innovative new  solution.

Knotty Tie Co, where talented sewers and designers have teamed up to make quality custom apparel available to everyone. Knotty Tie makes their products by hand in the USA and is also a force for good by hiring skilled resettled refugees who otherwise lack opportunities to work in their trade.

Komaza is a micro-forestry company based in Kenya working to get rural African dryland families out of poverty. Komaza creates life-changing income for poor farmers by helping them grow trees on their idle land for sale as high-margin wood products. Farmers are  provided with comprehensive farm inputs, training  and support to grow high quality trees, which are  then harvested and sold by Komaza. 

LearnZillion is dedicated to championing teachers and supporting their ongoing professional development. Teachers develop expertise and insights while working with   students, and have exceptional ideas for how to    improve classroom learning. 

Powered by its Guarantor model, and with a special commitment to empowering women, MCE Social Capital makes loans to organizations helping people living in poverty improve their lives. 

Jim Davidson is a Board Member

MedClimate CareConnect™ enables corporate wellness companies to be more efficient, expand their business and lower operating costs. MedClimate allows corporate wellness    companies and healthcare providers to streamline  the caregiving process through communication  and patient management mechanisms.

Medolac develops, manufactures and markets products that may have the ability to save and sustain the lives of premature infants and others suffering from gastrointestinal disease and other chronic and acute medical conditions. Medolac provides a range of never   before seen human milk-based products for    use in clinical and post discharge settings.

MeetMindful is the first online dating site to serve the mindful lifestyle. If you are ready to meet other singles who value healthy living, personal development, sustainability, spirituality, yoga, meditation, self-awareness, authentic connections and more, you've come to the right place.

Runa supports sustainable livelihoods in the Amazon through brewing beverages from guayusa, a super-leaf packed with caffeine and antioxidants.

Silvernest is a unique, room-mate matching service for boomers and empty nesters who have space to share. Home owners stay in the home they love. Housemates find a lovely new home.

SunFunder is solar finance business that connects investors to high-impact solar projects that improve the lives of low-income communities in Africa, Asia and Latin America. The company  focuses on providing short-term, working capital    and project finance loans through its    SolarEmpowerment Fund (SEF) note issuances. 

Sun Cups mission is to create great tasting snacks that are allergen-friendly, made with responsible ingredients,and everyone can enjoy.

ThinkImpact is a social impact study abroad company that connects students with local community members in Rwanda, South Africa, and Panama. ThinkImpact approaches its work with both students and community members with the express purpose of transforming access to  education and to opportunity. With the  communities where ThinkImpact works, it seeks    to open up new avenues to economic  development and growth. 

Jim Davidson is a Board Member

Transparent Healthcare (THC) is a membership program that gives customers access to affordable healthcare. Today’s uninsured pay full retail prices when they go to the doctor. That retail rate is often 2-3 times more than the insurance reimbursement rate! With THC,  customers never pay retail prices again, so they  can pay deeply discounted prices and save every  time they get care.

Unleesh is a simple and powerful mobile app that publishes any existing curriculum in redefined social learning space. Using a structured path building framework and an expert path builder’s network, content becomes accessible, and in turn more successful, because users will learn the way millennials want to engage (in bite-size  modules), on their mobile devices, and with each  other. 

Jim Davidson is a Board Member

Urban Green Development is a consciously aligned team of real estate developers, social entrepreneurs and financiers, united by our belief that business has a responsibility to actively effect positive change in the communities in which we operate.

Wash Cycle Laundry is a triple-bottom line company that is creating a launching pad back into the workforce for vulnerable adults and is proving that bikes are commercially-scalable alternatives to trucks for intra-metropolitan freight.