Women Powering Change: Inspire. Connect. Act.

You want to know more about what’s happening in the gender lens space. We’ve got more for you!

We’re continuing to push a dialogue around gender lens investing and activate the Colorado impact investing community. From our May 12 Women Transforming Impact event to Melanie Pease Davidson’s Conscious Company piece on Who Gets Our Money, we remain committed to support efforts that connect innovative leaders, inspire collective action, move more money to worthy social entrepreneurs, and empower social change.  We’re advancing this momentum at the local level through BFF sponsorship of Women Powering Change.

What is Women Powering Change?

Women Powering Change is an energetic and informative gathering of diverse non-profits, social enterprises, conscious companies, innovative leaders, passionate philanthropists, and aspiring activists all coming together at a community expo and celebration. Women Powering Change provides a forum for Colorado based mission-driven non-profit organizations and social enterprises that are by, for and/or about women to be showcased and displayed. We invite you to discover what more than 100+ of these Colorado based groups are doing to catalyze social change locally and globally to create a better world, and to connect with women leaders, activists, philanthropists and impact investors working to create a better world. Women Powering Change is the key place for individual donors, activists, and those new to philanthropy to meet and network with others working passionately to create change – from sustainability to social justice to gender empowerment.

How did Women Powering Change originate?

In 2013 Cynda Collins Arsenault, a local community activist, philanthropist and impact investor, had a vision to host a garden party in her backyard to bring together Colorado women that were actively working to build a more just, sustainable world for women and girls, both locally and globally. Cynda’s vision was a success, with over 200 attendees. By 2015, this idea had spread throughout the community with a dedicated committee and sponsors to support its growth, resulting in over 1,000 people attending with 100 organizations showcased at Exdo Event Center. This year, Women Powering Change has brought together representatives from seven  organizations which include Beyond Our Borders, Beautiful World, Global Health Foundation, Women’s Collaborative for Colorado, Present Purpose Network, Chef Ann Foundation and the Women’s Foundation of Colorado to commit time and talent as convening partners, leading the event into a another successful year. With several other community partners and sponsors, Women Powering Change is a true example of what can happen when the community comes together to celebrate collaboration. Women Powering Change 2016 is set to surpass the 1,000 attendee goal of last year and highlight 100+ organizations this Thursday July 14th. The celebration will include networking opportunities with a wide array of organizations and community members from across Colorado and, new this year, four inspiring workshops hosted by Emerging Women to compliment the experience of the event.   


Outcomes of Women Powering Change

Women Powering Change highlights the critical and necessary roles of women in creating a more sustainable, secure, and just world while connecting individuals with social change organizations.  

1. Accelerate the social impact of women creating a just world by engaging community members in the inspiring work being done locally and globally by women-centric organizations located in Colorado.

2. Around the world there is a steady pulse of women working passionately to create change - Women Powering Change is designed to connect like-minded women and men who can share ideas across sectors, glean inspiration from one another’s stories, connect resources and catalyze collaboration.

3. Greater visibility of social impact being done by Colorado based non-profit organizations, conscious companies, and social enterprises.

4. Celebration and uplifting event that showcases the great work our community is doing and provides a space for one to find out how to get involved in impact investing, as a new volunteer or Board member, investing in a new social enterprise or providing funds to a community foundation to just name a few.

5. Growing movement of a community that celebrates interconnectiveness.

Join us as we build the momentum and encourage investment in our community! Save your spot now and don’t forget to register!

Women Powering Change will take place at Mile High Station at 2027 Old West Colfax Ave. in Denver. Drop by from 4pm-8pm to connect with like minded women leaders, learn about opportunities to collaborate with 100+ organizations, get inspired by change happening locally and globally and enjoy complimentary appetizers and live music. Women Powering Change is free of charge and is open to the public, but registration is required. On site day of event registration will also be available on Thursday.

Guest registration can be found here: https://www.wfco.org/womenpoweringchange2016

Please email womenpoweringchange@gmail.com with any additional questions.