Gender Lens Investing

Why Gender Lens Investing Matters: The Future is Female

Why Gender Lens Investing Matters: The Future is Female

The ladies of PeakChange had the pleasure of attending The Women's Foundation of Colorado's 30th Anniversary Celebration this past month, featuring a conversation with Michelle Obama in her first public appearance since leaving the White House in January. Weren't able to make it to the event in person or don't live in Colorado? Have no fears. Check out Emily and Annie's co-authored piece on how Michelle Obama's calls to action perfectly sync and resonate with the goals of gender lens investing in the impact investing space. Learn more about how you can get involved and answer the Former First Lady's collective call to action.

Women Empowering Women - Let’s Make It Happen

Colorado Impact Days and Initiative raised awareness of “Impact Investing with a Gender Lens” last month (March 2-4). As a follow-on, I’m thrilled to be co-hosting the Women Transforming Social Impact networking event on May 12 in Denver to promote collaboration, communication, and connection within the Gender Lens space. Join me. Let’s dig into the conversation together.

Gender Lens Investing tends to be a catchall term for investing in women. Yet, the story is so much deeper. Investors, entrepreneurs and community leaders are now asking increasingly pointed questions about financial inclusion, diversity in the workplace, and gender equity, as a result of exploring these issues through a gender-nuanced lens applied to impact investing.