Saira Rao is Our Future

I am a political junkie.  I grew up outside of DC, living and breathing civil discourse from the time I could walk.  I’ve known tons of candidates and elected folks my whole life. Some good, some bad, most pretty average. It’s rare that I’ve met someone who has knocked my socks off.  Saira Rao is one such person and I’m lucky that she’s running in the Democratic primary in *my* district--Colorado congressional district one. It takes someone passionate, whipsmart and brave as hell to challenge a 22-year incumbent from her own party.

Not only am I supporting Saira, I am working for her. It may be a bit controversial to challenge a long-standing Democrat, but I’m tired of career politicians who just dial it in.  Sure, white supremacy helps put Trump in the White House, but you know what else did? The career Democrats who’ve been sitting on their hands, collecting paychecks that Americans write and not leading, not taking stands, not tackling healthcare, climate change, and racial injustice. THESE Democrats paved the way for Trump. I’m not alone. I know you feel it too. So many of us are hungry for change. We have an intense desire to send bold, visionary leaders to Congress. Leaders who not only reflect our values but reflect our community. We deserve better than the status quo.  Voting safely or down party lines doesn’t constitute leadership. There is a larger movement in our country to take back our party and challenge the party establishment. We’re not running against these democratic incumbents, we’re running for a bolder, more inclusive agenda.  The life of the Democratic party depends on it.  

First, corporate money has to go.   Big pharma, insurance companies you name it, career Democrats in Congress take their cash.  We can’t entirely blame this on the Republicans and then we wonder why we still have an opioid crisis and no universal healthcare.  It’s time for us, Americans, to vote out ANYONE who takes corporate PAC money. Politics can no longer only serve wealthy white “liberals” or “conservatives” anymore.   We used to be the party of the working class, people of color, the young and of the disenfranchised. Let’s bring it back. Progress can no longer simply mean resistance to Trump; we have to STAND for something, besides protecting big banks and the gun lobby.

Second, representation matters everywhere-- in media, medicine, law, education, science, and yes, CONGRESS.  It’s time for Colorado to send its first woman of color to Congress. Saira is that woman.  Saira is one of the best people I’ve ever known--she’s kind, funny, decent, honest, hardworking and I don’t think anyone cares more about fixing what’s broken than Saira.  Hell, she left Wall Street years ago to create diverse children’s books!

Saira isn’t taking dark, corporate cash. She will be accessible to us, her constituents, by expanding constituent services, opening satellite community offices, and simply being AVAILABLE.  A plus-her bold progressive platform will bring immediate economic relief to all.

We can all have healthcare.  We can get rid of private prisons. We can create a national paid family leave program. We can pass a clean Dream Act. We can even do something about student loan debt and make education available and accessible to all children. Seriously, we can accomplish all of these things.  

I hope you join me in supporting Saira, who will work her butt off.  She’ll lead and not just check the right box. She will be part of the new standard of leadership that is not beholden to corporatocracy but to US.  Simply put: Saira is our future.