PeakGovernance & PeakRelations Bring Best Practices to Social Venture Startups


Martin Luther King Day is being observed today throughout our country as a ‘Day of Service’ that celebrates our community spirit of taking concerted action for social improvement.  We at PeakChange serve the entrepreneurs that serve society. So, we decided MLK Day offers an ideally symbolic occasion to launch our new services for organizations dedicated to generating new ways of making significant differences each day of every year. 

Today, we're happy to announce the expansion of our management consulting services for startup and early-stage social ventures.

“PeakGovernance” services help young companies establish effective institutional governance, focusing on the recruitment and development of boards of directors and advisors. “PeakRelations” services include pitch deck consultations and resources for efficient communications between a company’s managers and investors.

Growing companies need practical, actionable guidance in interacting with their investors and board members. We identify those critical needs and develop solutions for entrepreneurs to effectively interact with their board members and investors. Our experience serving on boards and investing in such companies along with our research has shown that managers regularly encounter difficulty in their interactions and communications. PeakGovernance and PeakRelations help companies improve their practices in these areas so that CEOs and entrepreneurs can continue to focus on running their businesses.

PeakChange provides the necessary scaffolding to improve the overall early-stage investor experience and invests in ideas that lead to global systems change by advising entrepreneurs, championing social innovation projects, and delivering capital for early-stage impact investments.  eakChange offers both subscription packages and custom engagements for its PeakGovernance and PeakRelations services.

For more information about our new services, please contact Emily Winslow at or 866-475-1061 x102.