Congratulations EARTH University

The fundamental underpinning for EARTH University is the philosophy that leaders should possess ethical values contributing to sustainable development and construction of a prosperous and just society. Following graduation, EARTH encourages students to return to their countries of origin, so they can apply and implement the lessons learned from their education.

How did we learn about EARTH?

Jim first heard about EARTH University from some of his former colleagues at AOL who were involved in the founding of the university. This occurred long before he became actively involved in social ventures. Later, Jim was re-introduced to EARTH at Opportunity Collaboration where he met Senior Philanthropy Advisor Victor Sanchez through a mutual friend and learned about what EARTH was up to.

Based in Costa Rica, EARTH offers a rigorous four-year undergraduate program in agricultural sciences and natural resources management taught by a prestigious, international faculty who provide a world-class scientific and technological education that emphasizes values, ethical entrepreneurship and environmental and social commitment.  EARTH sells its own products to enhance entrepreneurial education, support student scholarships, inspire environmental awareness in the community, and foster institutional innovation. What EARTH is doing is important, so that we can move to sustainable, regenerative agriculture practice. 

Last week we received an exciting update regarding EARTH. David Ives, Executive Director of the Albert Schweitzer Institute, nominated EARTH for the Nobel Peace Prize!

Curious about the Nobel Peace Prize? We were…

The process of awarding the Nobel Peace Prize is long and arduous. Many worthy organizations and individuals all over the world receive nominations. The Albert Schweitzer Institute is officially permitted by the Peace Research Institute in Oslo to nominate candidates for the Nobel Peace Prize, because Dr. Schweitzer was an honoree in 1952. To learn more about the nomination and selection process click here.

What is PeakChange up to in Costa Rica?

PeakChange consults with private companies throughout Latin America, particularly through Jim’s involvement as a General Partner in DevEquity. DevEquity invests in companies that that make positive social and environmental impact. Recently, DevEquity invested in Nahua, a Costa Rican chocolate company that prides itself on selling Costa Rican products, like cacao and chocolate, all over the world.  Next time we’re in-country to work with Nahua, we look forward to visiting EARTH to see how the innovative stewards of our planet are being educated and to learn about the activities they are involved in.

Stay tuned to see how EARTH does in the Nobel Peace Prize process!